40 days of Prayer – Day 1

Happy Wednesday Household of Faith!

This is day one of 40 days of prayer as we seek God for the City. We are a part of a prayer group that is bigger than ourselves. There are 100,000 people praying on one accord for their cities worldwide. Alleluia! We are expanding just praying for our familiar circles of prayers.

You can also download the app Seek God for the City to learn more at waymakers.org They also include one for the children and I love that they are our first group to pray for at the beginning of this prayer journey.

“How do you prepare someone for the trials, challenges and strong temptations that you know lie just ahead? Moses had one word for the children of Israel. Remember~

Memory is crucial to facing challenges and withstanding trials. Remembering God’s mighty works in the pages of the Bible and in the pages of our lives-gives us hope in our distress and courage in our trials. Jesus Himself, hungry and physically exhausted faced the evil one in the desert with the Word.”

Be blessed as we pray and seek God for our selves, families, churches, communities, nation and our world. Enjoy His presence and time in His Word as we commit it to memory and bask in His love for us.

Your Prayer Ministries Team,

You are lifted up in prayer