8-6-2022 Annoucements

From the Childrens Ministry Leader:
Precious Jewels Children’s Church will be held every 3 rd Sabbath at 12 noon. Please invite your neighbors, friends and family. For any questions please see children’s ministry leader Sis Darrilyn Peak.


-Nominating Committee has begun for the upcoming new election of Officers for Ministries. We are asking the entire Church to join us in prayer daily at Noon until the Nominations are complete. We are asking for the outpouring of The Holy Spirit to guide Normandie in this endeavor.
-Our Annual Friends & Family Weekend is coming up Aug.27-28.2022. Anyone who would like to volunteer to help plan this weekend please let us know
-Sept.3.2022 will be our IMPACT Sabbath. Please come prepared to serve!! Wear your IMPACT T-Shirts and comfortable clothing.
-Be prepared as Prayer Ministries is planning a “All Night Prayer Meeting”. We are giving a Clarion Call to all Prayer  Warriors, Intercessors & Agents of Change! Stay tuned for more information!

-Our Gate on the Northwest side of our Church has been malfunctioning. We will keep this Gate closed during the week for safety reasons. If you need to come to the Church during the week for any reason please contact Bro Goodson or Bro Simpson.
-I’m further asking that you please give these awesome Deacons at least 48hrs advance notice before calling them to come & open the Gate and or church. Their time is valuable. If there is an immediate emergency please contact them in a decent time frame. Otherwise, let’s stay within the 48hr window.
-A Committee has been formed to access, plan & strategically look at either immediate repair or replacement for both Gates.
For safety reasons please allow the designated Deacons (Bro Simpson or Bro Goodson) to open & close gates until this issue is handled. For further questions please contact the Pastor.