Announcements for 8-27-2022

-There will be a Mandatory Meeting for all Church Members directly following service. All Church members are encouraged to stay. There will be pertinent information that the pastor will give.
– Board Meeting will be this Sunday, August 28, 2022 @ 10:30 am. All Board Members are encouraged to attend.
– September 17 will be our All Night Prayer Meeting from 7PM-7AM. If you received a call from Prayer Ministries it is for participation in this awesome service. There will specific areas of prayer that we will be covering. We are asking for Families to participate in the assigned area of Prayer. Each Family participating will be given 30 minutes per each Hour of Prayer. The all night Prayer Meeting is designed for the direct needs & issues of the entire Church.
– September 24 will be our Friendship & Family Sabbath. We are encouraging ALL Families to join us to reunite and fellowship. Guest speaker will be Pastor Marquis Johns! There will be a Social @ LAA starting at 7pm. You don’t want to miss it!!!
Health Class :
on 9/6/22 @ 7 PM via Zoom Join our Cloud HD Video Meeting
by Patricia A. Gonzalez, Trish
Topic – Beeyond Prepared Introduction Mission Spotlight and Bee4, During, After: Emergency Preparedness


Children Sabbath School will return in person September 3 rd, 2022. Breakfast will be served at 9:30 am. All are invited.

Song Service- 10:05 am
Adult Sabb Sch – 10: 15 am
Kindergarten/ Early teen / Teen- 10:30 am
Ask questions, join in the discussion, study God’s words.

1.)IMPACT Sabbath will be September 10, 2022. We have 4 areas of service:

-Love & Laundry
-Parking Lot Prayer 🙏
-Soap, Socks & Sandwiches
-Food Distribution

Please notify groups for acts of kindness.

2.) PSA. If you received a phone call from our Church Clerk it was for the participation in Nominating Committee only. We are asking for certain Members to be a part of this Nominating Committee for the election of New Officers. The Church Board is acting as our Small Committee. We are praying 🙏 daily @ 12pm Noon for the duration of this process.

3.) Due to the number of ppl that have been out of town, we will postpone Board Meeting until Aug.28.2022 @ 10:30AM. Board Meeting will return next month to every 3rd Sabbath.

4.) West Coast Youth Conference is scheduled next year Aug.9-13.2023 at the Grand Hotel & Resort in Arizona. Your Pastor has been elected by the Southern California Region as to be a part of the Marketing Committee. We are planning Rallies for registration at our local SDA Churches, doing video promos & registration w/ Normandie SDA Church leading our Conference for this awesome endeavor!

We are looking to send at least a group of 4 Young Representatives from Normandie ages 13-18yrs old to be a part of this event. Our Regional Director is planning to sponsor $100 per child to attend. Cost is $450 per child. Registration is now open. We will meet during our next scheduled Board Meeting to discuss, plan & select our Team of Youth & Chaperones who will attend. For more information go to or speak to the Pastor.

-Our Gate on the Northwest side of our Church has been malfunctioning. We will keep this Gate closed during the week for safety reasons. If you need to come to the Church during the week for any reason please contact Bro Goodson or Bro Simpson.
-I’m further asking that you please give these awesome Deacons at least 48hrs advance notice before calling them to come & open the Gate and or church. Their time is valuable. If there is an immediate emergency please contact them in a decent time frame. Otherwise, let’s stay within the 48hr window.
-A Committee has been formed to access, plan & strategically look at either immediate repair or replacement for both Gates.
For safety reasons please allow the designated Deacons (Bro Simpson or Bro Goodson) to open & close gates until this issue is handled. For further questions please contact the Pastor.