COVID-19 Los Angeles

Dr. Harrington update on COVID-19 in Los Angeles

COVID-19 Los Angeles #1 04-07-2020
1:30 Coronavirus: Overview
3:36 Transmission and infectivity
8:26 How is it spread?
15:30 How does the virus work?
16:50 Clinical Presentation
19:13 COVID-19 by the numbers
20:47 Prevention
25:41 Question #1 Is COVID-19 a man-made virus?
26:56 Live Question #1 Was COVID around before 2019?
28:28 Live Question #2 Why is the incubation period so much longer than other virus families you mentioned?
29:46 Question #2 Is the Coronavirus airborne?
36:20 Question #3 Does wearing a mask and gloves prevent me from getting the Coronavirus?
39:13 Question #4 Is the Coronavirus in the ocean?
42:12 Live Question #3 Does the cold weather/rain keep the virus airborne? or prolong its survival
44:31 Information overload advice
47:22 Live Question #4 If you need to open a package immediately, what do you suggest?

COVID-19 Los Angeles #2 04-14-2020
0:50 Covid-19 Overview of infection
4:33 Covid-19 by the numbers
13:00 New Health Officer Orders
14:38 Question #1 How long are we realistically looking at the “Safer At Home Order”?
18:44 Question #2 What is Herd Immunity and does it apply to COVID-19
19:59 Live Question #a If a vaccine is developed, do we have a choice to get it or not. Especially with talk of a chip being inserted in us.
22:16 Live Question #1 Is it true that people who have ibuprofen in their system have lower chances of recovery?
23:54 Question #3 What groups are at higher risk for COVID-19 infection and its complications? Can the risk be reduced?
26:40 Question #4 Are African Americans Dying at a higher rate from COVID-19 infection? If so why?
31:35 Question #5 Can you reuse PPE such as mask and gloves?
35:24 Live Question #2 Are people who are on beta blockers or blockers at higher risk for poor outcomes?
36:32 Live Question #3 How is the mutation of the virus being handled in the medical field as far as a vaccination being created. I’m seeing news articles where people are being reinfected with a different strain. How is the vaccination going to combat that?
38:10 Live Question #4 If people get a flu shot every year should we continue next year and will the flu shot be separate vaccine?
40:15 Live Question #5 I don’t have asthma, however, I have family history of Asthma. Does that mean that if I get infected my asthma trait will put me at risk?

COVID-19 #3 Los Angeles 4/21/2020
0:59 COVID-19 by the numbers
11:06 Question #1 Can you get infected with nCOVID more than once?
13:30 Question #2 We’re encouraged to wear a mask outside. Aren’t we in less danger of getting the virus beign outside?
16:24 Question #3 Is the virus dose-related when it’s comes to the severity of illness?
18:30 Question #4 Are we reaching the peak of this crisis? What’s the possiblity of a second outbreak in the fall?
23:50 Question #5 What should I do if I only have mild symptoms such as dry cough, headaches, and runny nose?
25:52 Live question #1 What do you think of Igg and Igm as means of traking and screening?
27:57 Live quesiton #2 What about the people who other sever medical conditions that are not being treated?
29:53 Live question #3 Does the virus have a half-life and if so will it resurge again
33:35 Live question #4 Assuming you been exposed to the virus, is there any action one can take to lessen the chances of side effects?
36:40 Live question #5 Do you have any recommendations to reduce the risk of infection in the nursing homes?
38:36 Bad habits in using a mask (demostration)
41:34 Live question #6 The area that is swabbed in order to collect a sample for testing for a disease. under the assumption that this is a place where many of the viruses collect, would listerine be effective in attacking the viruses at this stage?
42:30 Live question #7 At what point does immunity takes place and how long does it last?
45:19 Live question #8 Does spraying a mask with lysol work?
49:08 Live question #9 Is it OK to date during the shelter in base?
52:45 Live question #9a Is it ok for family members to visit?
53:40 Live question #10 I’ve been notified by my school that next semester will be online, do you see this changing or will it be a reality?
56:47 Live question #11 What about the enviroment in the hospital, should people be afraid to goto the hospital for treatment?
59:54 Live question #12 The effectiveness of cleaning techniques?
1:05:53 Live question #13 The surge didn’t happen, what does people say about that?

COVID-19 #4 4/28/2020 Los Angeles Youtube video
1:40 COVID-19 by the numbers
7:10 Question #1 Are we already in the 2nd wave of COVID-19 and the 1st wave already passes unidentified. Will that matter for projections for the next wave?
10:22 Question #2 Are all the hospitals treatment for COVID-19 the same or do some hospitals have different treatments?
13:14 Question #3 How can someone get one of the experimental treatments?
14:23 Question #4 What’s the chance of the virus getting into my hair? Should I wash my hair daily?
19:14 Question #5 Is the ‘Shelter in Place’ order really working?
21:58 How to use a mask properly (demonstration)
24:10 Live question #1 Can you use cold water to wash your nose out before the virus goes down the larynx.
27:50 Live question #2 Request for comment on the Bakersfield doctors’ youtube video
31:05 Live question #3 Can pets carry/transmit the virus
33:20 Live question #4 Should I commute or move into a college dorm room in the fall?
39:07 Live question #5 Do you think that those who are opening up their business too soon?
41:31 Live question #6 What are the risks of the meat plants being required to stay open?
46:22 Live question #7 Should I wear a mask while in a car?
50:30 Live question #8 Has a vaccine been identified yet? Any process on a vaccine?
51:50 Live question #9 Is going to a beauty shop a high risk at this time?
54:17 Live question #10 What about the Chinese study that suggests one person infected 8 folk in a restaurant…researchers found the virus circulated through the air conditioning system
58:57 Live question #11 What is the scientific status of determining what length of immunity is associated with antibodies.
1:02:55 Live question #12 Any information that people have been exposed prior to this outbreak?
1:05:58 Live question #13 What would be the biggest risk factor on causing the 2nd wave?

COVID-19 Los Angeles #5 5/5/2020
Update & live questions and answers by Dr. D. Harrington
1:30 COVID-19 Important information
2:53 COVID-19 by the numbers
13:00 Question #1 Can mosquitos transmit COVID-19 infection to humans?
14:30 Question #2 What do we know about stroke as the presenting symptom in COVID-19 infection?
18:19 Question #3 What percent of COVID-19 deaths are from non-high risk or non-vulnerable populations?
24:43 Question #4 What and who are Health Officers? How much power do they actually have?
26:57 Question #5 What is something you wish the average person to know about the virus but they just don’t seem to understand?
29:33 Question #6 In retrospect, what was something the experts got right, something they got wrong and something the experts still don’t know but would like to know?
34:40 Live Question #1 Pfizer COVID-19 treatment
37:19 Live Question #2 COVID-19 mutation
41:28 Live Question #3 What is the risk of treating a dental patient that have COVID-19
46:28 Live Question #4 Risk to children 2-19
52:34 Live Question #5 How to have a good immune system
59:52 Live Question #6 Parents fear of putting children at risk
1:08:42 Live Question #7 Does A1C level of diabetics influence someone getting COVID-19
1:11:20 Live Question #8 Infection risk vs complication risk