Family Life

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Vision:    The families of the Normandie Seventh-Day-Adventist Church and community will experience a revival in their homes that will lead to a transformation in their lives.

Mission: The families of the Normandie Seventh-Day-Adventist Church and community reach the ideal that God intends – individually and collectively!
Educating and training those families to reach other families for Jesus Christ:

  • Trusting God’s plan for our lives
  • Following God’s path
  • Surrendering ourselves to Jesus
  • STOP! Fighting Jesus for our souls

Key Scriptures:

  • Jeremiah 29:11-13
  • Matthew 5:1-16
  • I Corinthians 13: 1-13

Advisor:  Pastor Lawrence Dorsey, II

The ministry of Family Life is critical to our churches for at least two reasons: First, because God’s initial instruction to Adam and Eve was to start a family and take charge of everything he had created through that family (Genesis 1:28).

The family is the nucleus of involvement in God’s great plan of salvation. While salvation is an individual process, it is generally the family that supports and encourages that determination.

Secondly, if there is one object in Christian warfare where Satan places more emphasis than any other, it is the family.

We have been given the privilege of standing with Christ in the battle to stabilize and fortify families in the 21st century.

Former Regional Director, Anthony J. Kelly of the Southern California SDA Conference.