June 5 Machine Transcription of Sermon

Acts chapter three.
Acts chapter three, starting at verse one let’s stand as we read God’s word Acts chapter three, starting in verse one.
Acts chapter three starting at verse, what
the Bible says this, and I’m reading from the NIV version one day Peter and john we’re going up to the temple. At the time of prayer at three in the afternoon.
Now, a man who was lame from birth was being carried to the temple gate called beautiful, where he was put, where he has, where he was put every day to be from those going into the temple courts.
When he saw Peter and john, about to enter. He asked them for money.
Peter looked straight at it, as did john.
Then Peter said, Look at us. So the man gave them his attention expecting expecting expecting to get something from them.
Then Peter said silver and gold.
I do not have but what I do have, I give you in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, walk, taking him by the right hand he helped him up, and instantly the man’s feet and ankles became strong.
He jumped to his feet and began to walk. Then he went with them into the temple courts, walking and jumping and praising God.
May the Lord richly blessed into the reading to hear it but most of all to the doing of his word. You may be seated in the presence of the Lord. The title of this message this morning is expected favorite Father in heaven.
I thank you so much for just blessing us, I feel the presence of your Holy Ghost. Even now, Lord, I promise, as I preach and teach that I’m almost done I’m always listening.
I pray that you will challenge our hearts that you will challenge our minds. But most of all, you will change our lives in the awesome magnificent name of our Lord and Savior we stay together.
Amen. and amen expected expected expected favor.
The Bible informs the reader that this man was born crippled foryears of his natural life.
The culture at the time suggested that anyone who suffered from any playing or dysfunction had to have been cursed from birth.
Apparently, at the time of this culture and era and society. They believe that if in fact you were born blind or you were born crippled or you had some type of of health existing extenuating condition that that meant that somebody in your family was foul.
In other words, somebody was not serving God somebody was not doing what they should do, by following the will and the Word of God, but but but what I’ve come by and stop by let you know that here represents many of the misconceptions of today’s theology.
Over the course of many years there have been many misconceptions within the body of Christ, that have now taking root, as in some part of coat religious culture or society.
Some folks. In other words, they don’t they don’t believe that that you can possibly be a Christian and go through anything. They believe that they believe what I believe that what I call sunshine theology that, that if you just eat the right veggie foods
and if you just sing the right songs if you just start a Sabbath school if you just walk the right way or talk the right way, then, then, then, then, then all of your problems will be gone there won’t be any situations and there won’t be any problems,
but there is a long stretch for what is ideal. Then what is reality.
You see, ideally as you become a Christian you would ideally believe that you would not have any problems that you would not have any issues that everything would be a okay but there’s a long distance between what is ideal and what is reality, although
we have been chosen although we are highly favored and God, let me stop by to let you know that that when you decided to become a Christian, you signed your name on the dotted line, that’s when you signed up for the battle.
That’s what you signed up for the war. That’s what you signed up to be a soldier and God’s army, and just because you are a Christian within the body of Christ, it does not mean that you are are skipped over, as it relates to trouble.
In fact, it really means that when you decide to become a Christian a Christian, one who really truly believes in God, well who’s not faking it from week to week, when you truly decide to be a Christian within the faith of God.
That’s when the fire is turned up.
That’s when that’s when the real battle starts.
The long distance between what is ideal and what is reality and a lot of times we try to pro to pretend that we’re okay.
And as I told you before that you can’t be fixed if you pretend like you’re not broken.
You can’t be healed if you pretend like you’re not hurt.
And we, we come to church and folk will say I’m okay. Everything is all right but but but but reality says that our children have left the church and, and have and have not decided to come back yet reality says that we’re going through a high divorce
rate, even within the house of God, reality says that when our children graduate from high school, they really graduate from church reality says that we have more problems that we do faith, and we have some times that we do our belief in God, what reality
what reality is really saying is that we are struggling through this thing called life, and if we want to be real about it, a reality says that we are all we are looking at Child Support cases in court cases in jail cases.
And all of these cases that were going through the case is that we are really a long way between what is ideal.
And what is reality.
And some folk.
Some folks understand that many, many people who live outside the walls of the church, have a metallic taste in their mouth, as it relates to church, because it’s the church folk who try to pretend like everything is all good.
And sometimes it’s the church folk who are the very ones that rather than help you. it’s the church folks sometimes that are giving you a hurting hand rather than come to church, and receive a blessing they leave the church, feeling worse than when they
came and sometimes they are the ones that get the misconceptions Y’all better get it on theology, and the reason why some folks are afraid to come into the house of God, is because there has been taught a misconception of theology.
There is a misconception, and a misunderstanding that has been taught to folk, and they’re the ones that are feeling like if I come to church, they’ll judge me if I if I come into the house of God they, they’ll they’ll talk about me, if I come into the
house of God, I all I know is that all they want is the money, the offering plate I’ve heard all of these misconceptions.
The church has become a staple for what’s known as fire and brimstone tactics, you’re going to get me this morning, fire and brimstone is an idiomatic expression and referring to God’s wrath, found in both the Old and New Testament, and in the Bible,
it makes reference to the fate of the unfaithful. But see the first problem with this belief is that it focuses solely on God’s judgment and not entirely on God’s character.
Let me say one more time. The problem with this system of beliefs, is that it focuses only on God’s judgment and not the entirety of his character. It’s like seeing a person only when they are upset and convincing everyone that this is who they really
It does not express his love it does not express words like he’s full of patients or that he is gracious or that He is merciful or that he is loving and it’s all hidden behind the wrath of God.
This is the fire and brimstone tactics. If you don’t do this for God, or then this is what he’ll do to you.
And the early established church the focus was solely on what was going to happen in the next life. Listen to me, versus the quality of life being live now.
Now the mishandling of God’s Word.
Today is similar and this way.
If you are living in poverty.
If you had a failed marriage if your children are trifling disrespect to and this will be the, it must mean that you are cursed, and will suffer the judgment of God.
We have the answer to solve your problem in life.
Take our doctrine.
Take our set of beliefs, and this will save you identify with our theological eschatological prophetic patterns of interest.
And if not, then God’s wrath will be upon you.
These are the mishandling of the theological patterns of thought, within the body of Christ.
Some of the other misconceptions misconception number one, listen to me Christians just want to convert you.
This is a misconception that has become a part of culture and society.
This is what we face.
Maybe you’ve heard it too It’s hard. Some folks it’s hard for Christians to have non Christian friends, because the end goal is never friendship,
but but but if the goal is just to convert you, then it’s not about Jesus. It’s about the religious beliefs that they follow what you what you what you eat and where you go the circle of people you follow the goal isn’t to find identity and the people
that are breaking you out of the present. The goal is defined identity, and the one who sent those that are breaking you out of prison, let me say one more time.
The goal is to find identity, and the people that are bringing you out of the present. The goal is to find identity, and the ones sent to put you out of prison.
One of the first misconceptions that, and I hear this all the time that Christians just want to convert you a second misconception that I’ve heard is that that Christians are either Democrat or Republican, they did they didn’t found a way to bring politics
into this whole thing, y’all.
You see arguing I’ve heard arguments and wars that have been started over politics and religion.
Y’all don’t believe me well well well well the lines were drawn in the sand in , when Obama went against a man named Mitt Romney, people were actually trying to use biblical texts to support either party.
Romney spoke openly about God as He aligned himself with the Mormons and the latter day saints while Obama to the residence with a man named Jeremiah Wright, and his outspoken ideals, long lines were drawn in the sand and some football arguing them down,
they were literally saying that Republicans were of the devil. While Democrats were of God,
the misconception suggests that God completely supports politics and the laws or ideals of man, listen to me God does not follow earthly politics like we do.
He doesn’t care about earthly political parties. He doesn’t care about Democrat or Republican.
Oh Christians belong to the kingdom party. There’s only three in that party that’s the God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, what God will do is use whatever whoever whenever however he can to say a lot so, and if it means that he has
to put somebody within an office to help us his will to save somebody that’s what he will do. God does not care about politics and religion, what God cares about is are you say
misconception. Number three, last one Christians follow a perfect life and never seen
soon as somebody find out that you were Christian they expect your life to be perfect.
In fact, I’ve found that some folks don’t even want to tell anybody they’re Christian, because as soon as they told me as soon as you tell somebody you’re a Christian, that’s when the judgment starts Well, you shouldn’t be doing this or you shouldn’t
be doing that or you shouldn’t be doing the other what book, are you reading from, I reading from the Holy Bible in the Bible speaks of a sin urs gospel, not a sin less gospel.
And isn’t it funny that the very folk who ain’t bringing nothing to the BBQ are the ones who got the say the most.
You ain’t bring nothing to the BBQ guy you always got something to say, oh, what about a potato salad don’t taste right. The kool aid is two weeks, the BBQ was sauce wasn’t that great.
Well, you ain’t brought nothing. Why have you brought to the BBQ. What have you done lately forgot what have you done. Have you told about the gospel, the good news of Jesus Christ, don’t choose say nothing.
And the good news of Jesus Christ. Don’t you say nothing. If you ain’t bring it to the BBQ. I’m telling you bring a napkins, and to go help nobody
is the same folk who ain’t bringing to the BBQ that have the most to say about it.
It is believed that when you become a Christian, by some folk life as you know what becomes holy and without mistakes.
It is believed and incited by some that Christians indeed live a perfect way without any problems or situations but I suppose I suppose that they just breezed right past the texts, a psalmand five that says Behold I was brought forth in iniquity and
in sin did I was I can see in my mother’s womb i was i was i was i was formed in iniquity I was shaping and I was born in sin is sacred and iniquity, is a part of my character is a part of who I am.
And for some who truly believe that they are perfect
as they walk into the house of God.
Well the church just became an imperfect when you walked in.
How do I know because the Bible says that all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, it does not say that.
Command, in the name of Jesus, alive with God’s will, then favor will follow.
Why, because there is power in the name, there is healing, in the name, there is salvation in the name is only the name that he calls upon the name demons tremble, and the name the bird will fall from Calvary his face from Calvary, and cover you in your
sickness and in your problems. The power is not found in anything else outside of the name of God. And as we were like, as we evangelize as we are no longer a cruise ship with a battleship.
We must rely heavily and dependent upon the name.
As we move forward in our cities in our communities.
We must call on the name to help those rise and walk, who are too weak to stand on their own.
It’s the name that changes the lives of those crippled in nature.
The Bible says in Acts three and seven and instantly.
The man’s feet and ankles became strong and instantly and instantly So, so listen to me. Listen to me.

This was a blessing and favor by design.

He was chosen to show other was what favors. What favorite looks like.

Let me pause for a commercial break and see some of y’all are going through problems God is not changing your situation, because God is trying to change your heart.

And so what he’s trying to show somebody is what favor really looks like you’re going through your situation. Probably because God is saying there was one area in your life where you are week on your feet where you are lame, and your feet wet you cannot

move past this point, you see the Bible says that they had to carry him to a place where he was big for favor. There have been some folks that have carried you to a place all day work was just full to carry you there, they could not help you, they could

not save you, but they were carrying you to a place where you knew where you could get your healing, and your blessing from, we are called to be carriers, and soldiers for God.

But more than that, we are called to command the blessing over the life, and expect the favorite to follow.

And instantly, the areas that were useless the areas that were we, the areas that was shameful the areas that were without purpose became strong.

And the Bible explains that the man jumped on his feet, and with with them into the temple courts, walking and jumping and praising God, let me pause for a commercial break.

Don’t you dare try to try to criticize my praise, you just don’t know what I’ve been through, you just don’t know what I had to go through to get to this point that I’m at right now.

Don’t criticize my praise You don’t know what I’ve had to endure in the midnight hour. Don’t criticize my place. You don’t know what the devil stole from me and now I’ve got it back.

Don’t criticize my praise. Now I can jump in and walk and leap, I’ve got to make sure that if I do anything else I’ve got to praise God for that he started for me.

He’s been to me, he’s done too much for me. I’ve got to praise him, because if I don’t praise Him. The Bible says that the rocks will cry out will scream out, and praise my God.

Some of y’all are too scared to praise God, because in a dignified

in a glorified let you know that as long as you’re giving God the praise. You’re breaking the change.

Open your mouth and praise God, give him his do praise.

The Bible says that he went leaping why because this man received favor that he never expected, y’all about to get a never dreamed of blessing for the lastyears, nothing had changed.

He dreamed of walking down the aisle with his daughter, he dreamed that he would one day run with his kids, he dreamed that their life might be different, but God is about to give you never dream don’t favor.

The Bible says that he decided to go to the temple. Imagine the person that no one else expected to have faith in God, the person sat on the outside of the other of the holy temple is this man now that walks into the house of God, shopping, and praising

God looked at him and said, Hey, that was just begun last week. How did he get up in here.

Where is his parking pass.

He shouldn’t have. You shouldn’t be here.

This man was recognized as the one on the outside of the gates.

He never dreamed that things would be different.

But I can imagine.

I can imagine the testimony that he must have had on that Sabbath morning.

I am the man who said that the Kate.

Can you hit him.

I don’t know who I’m talking to but God is about to release healing in your life. I can hear this man say, God is about to send favor on your life opportunities and restoration and freedom, you see I sat on the outside of the gate, almost all my life.

But now here I stand, giving God His do praise God is about to give you a never dreamed Oh praise.

Those who are living outside or living life outside the favor of God understand that this man had to be willing and obedient to receive the command that had been declared over his life, oftentimes, oftentimes you and I will meet people that will accept

anything and everything, rather than the power of God that offer that is offered to change your life, some folk will take shocker stones or they’ll be praying the rocks y’all they’ll be praying to people, I’ll be calling up on the hotline trying to get

some type of of horoscope or, or some type of work, but but listen to me. God is saying that there is no other power that can change your life, except for the power of God.

And so, as this man goes inside he he he had to accept the power.

When Peter says why you’re so surprised.

We should expect God’s favor. You see, there are miracles. Listen to me. I’m almost done.

There are miracles that should happen that don’t happen. Why, because we don’t feel like it’s our problem.

You see sister white says that we would even call it on TL and sometimes we would even be able to raise folk from the day.

But that just ain’t enough folk who had the faith.

We could be changing life as we know what around us, and we are the ones that God has chosen to do so.

We are the ones called to do it, but but but but but but Peter says, Don’t be surprised.

Peter further explains that there are two things, two things he explains, number one, he says, what has happened, isn’t by our own godliness, or power.

You see when we bring people into the house of God we almost expect them to go through the deity of church folk.

In some cases, like I said, we had a praise like they we praise like we do a eat like we do go to holy outings, like we do.

But as Peter explain it acts three andHe said it’s not our own God and it’s all power that caused this man, his life to change.

We must be extremely careful not to get people to become more like church four or more like us.

But the more like Christ.

The Bible says in Actsthat this man, follow them closely in the temple.

Yeah, meaning that he watched how they responded to the church folk he watched how they handled criticism he watched how they spoke about church people you see it’s not about you.

It’s about Christ.

It is most important to remember that as we lead for, we must remain Christ those century.

You see, the man, follow them closely. He watched how they did in church.

And when we bring people into the house of God, they are watching you.

They’re watching how you handle disputes.

They watch how you say Happy Sabbath and then right behind somebody is bad, begin to talk, and you may not eat meat but you eat people.

They watch us so so so so we must remain Krystal central one Peter says it’s not our own godless are our power that caused this change.

But it’s the power of Christ.

Secondly, he explains the same Jesus. You’re denied the same Jesus you condemn the same Jesus you rejected the same Jesus change. This man’s life and actsit says this in Acts chapterActs chapterit says this.

By faith in the name of Jesus, this man whom you see and know was made strong.

It is Jesus name and the faith that comes through him.

That has completely healed him.

If God has truly changed your life for the better, it shouldn’t matter what others think or say about how you are living your walk as musicians began to play let me land this plane.

Listen to me.

Just because they are in your circle doesn’t mean they’re in your corner,

understand that some people would rather see you in the same place in the same condition going through the same issues.

But when God commands his favorite over your life he he was you completely.

This man thought he was going to sit at that corner of the gate outside of the house for the rest of his life.

But Peter and john were on assignment, and they decided to come through, silver and gold we have done but what we do have it will change your life, understand that you’re not trying to get people to fall in love with the patterns of the world, you’re

trying to get people to fall in love with the identity of the one who can save anybody.

Listen to me.

I remember,

Remember, I remember I went, I was traveling all this traveling somewhere and preaching and teaching and I got a car y’all and went to a company called Priceline

Priceline, what they do is they find the best price for you.

And then what they do is they they they they they hold the amount of money from your card and pay for the whole thing.

Now, now, now I only had like I told you I’ve always had when I’ve been traveling guy that two types of money slim to none.

And they held the money on my car.

And I had and I had to call them because I was, I was indignant I was addicted Jonathan I was upset about how y’all gonna hold all this money you know you know I got stuff to do.

And I said, Well, sir, We, we immediately made the change.

And we immediately refunded you, but it’s going to take three to five business days for you to get your money back.

But here here’s, here’s here’s where the sound comes in and listen to me.

The change came immediately.

They immediately refunded me the computer immediately gave me my money back. I just had to wait three to five business days before I saw the money come back on my account, which literally means that I expected the money to come back because they had already

given me their work legitimately and logistically, I had already got what I was supposed to get, listen to me today. Some of y’all may not see the change right away, but the minute that you decided to give God your heart, there was a blessing and favor

on your life, you gotta wait for your three to five before you get your stuff, but it’s coming.

Before you get your stuff, but it’s coming. Anyhow, it’s still waiting process that you got to that you’ve got to get over, and what some folks are trying to talk about you and say well I ain’t seen no change in your life, you let them know I’m still under construction. I

see how you ain’t cursor no more on still under construction.

By the way, I’m waiting on my three to five. As soon as I did. I’ll promise you, I’m gonna give God all the pre.

Many people have decided to go with a different direction.

And this fact remains.

When God commands favor over your life, expect things to fall in line.

So some of you who are watching at home to some of you who might be he’s still in this audience, stop apologizing the people for wanting a better life.

Stop putting yourself. Last, because if you went straight to no one else could be stopped selling for less than you deserve. Stop feeling guilty when you need to let go.

stop allowing people to set their boundaries, and let somebody know the version of you, that they created is not your responsibility to stop apologizing for what God has done in your life, and walk the newness of the Lord.

Hold fast to the notion that favor is expected when you serve God revelationand six and I’m in, I’m done, then I heard what sounded like a crowd. Hey, like the sound of a roaring waterfall like peals of thunder.

I heard them say, Praise God Almighty God is king. Let us rejoice and be glad. Let us praise and his greatness. when the change comes, you better Praise God.

When your victory has told you better Praise God. When you want your battle, you better Praise God. Because john said, when we get to heaven, we go stop everybody and say, Praise God.

From whom all blessings flow, he’s done it for me. He’s done it for me this time.

He could have saved, but he saved me. Praise Him anyhow.


Expected favor.

You know that you have expected favor.

You have expected faith.

God has changed your life.

It’s time to walk now.

And the newness of God. Everyone standing every head bowed every eye closed everyone standing everyone standing everyone standing.


Today, today for those of you who are watching at home today.


You’ve been sitting on the outside.

You can carry to the same place, begging your way through life.

God said no.

You are the head and not the tail, stop hanging your head low, stop believing the lies of the devil. If, in fact you’ve decided to change your walk and change your talk, and change your life.

Let it be under the power of the Holy Ghost is the power of God, that’s working on the inside of you.

And although the change you may not see the whole change right now.

God is saying just wait for your three to five

is expected to come.

So someone right now is saying, Lord.

Right now, I’m not gonna listen to the fake or phony friends I’m not gonna listen to the pestering family members, I’m not going to listen to the lies of the enemy I’m just going to walk and jump and leap and praise Him.

Anyhow, if that’s you just raise your hand if that’s you.

That’s you.

That’s you.

Father God, you see the hands. You see the hands right now in the name of Jesus, I’m praying right now we’re declaring freedom over their lives.

Lord right now we have expected favor and favorite coming from you. It is not my own power. It is not by our own garden as it is not my goodness it is not by our own greatness.

What is by the power of the one they call the Messiah is by the power of the one that’s who sits at the right hand of the Father, his father one who they call lily of the valley, his father one who they call the Lamb that was slain in the name of Jesus

of Nazareth Father, you have claimed, and declare that we have the power over the enemy so right now in the name of Jesus, praying the power of God over your people, whatever it is that stops us from being able to walk, wherever it is from stop us on

our journey, I’m praying that you touch him right now in the name of Jesus.

If there is someone here who was decided to follow you all the way to the watery grave. On Junewe will have another baptism, praying in the name of Jesus, that they will not rest until they walk into the water, the watery grave.

We thank you.

We praise you, we give you honor and glory Dominion the power of our forever in Jesus name, but in one shot together. Amen. And Amen

Amen Amen.

This time we will have our benediction closing prayer. For those of you who are with us online. We thank you for blessing for allowing us to bless your home with the praise and, most of all we’re asking that you find your way.

Find your way find your way.

Find your way here and give the church your hand, but give God your heart.



Gracious Father, thank you so much for the blessing you provided us this day in praise fellowship worship, and a word from you through pastor Chapman.

May each of us as our hearts are filled and overjoyed make each of us recognize this blessed.

As we depart from this place to serve.

And Lord we asked to take a safely to our destination and bring us back again safely at the appointed hour while we will give you praise glory adoration, and Thanksgiving.

In Jesus name, amen, Amen.

Amen. And

Thank you so much.