Sabbath, Feb. 28, 2016. Pastor Dorsey II. Sermon Title A Life Of Progression

Sabbath, Feb. 28, 2016. Pastor Dorsey II. Sermon Title A Life Of Progression. Supporting Scriptures 1 Peter 5:8. Nehemiah 4; 6:15,16.

Human Progress is neither automatic nor inevitable…Every step toward the goal of justice requires sacrifice, suffering, and struggle; the tireless exertions and passionate concern of dedicated individuals.” Martin Luther King Jr.

We have to want to make progress and work for it. We need not get stuck in 2015, that we can’t see Him work in 2016.  We still need to make progress.  There are 3 ways to look at problems. Satan, Sin and Self.  There are still things we have to get rid of.

Stay alert! Watch out for your great enemy, the devil. He prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour.  1 Peter 5:8 NLT

For we are not fighting against flesh and blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places. Ephesians 6:12 NLT

We need to look at the bigger picture. We have to say enough!

The Opposition

  1. PROBLEM with the PEOPLE

Some people in the world have a problem with Christianity. “I don’t have a problem with Christ, it is His fans I don’t like.” There are a lot of people who don’t come to church because of the people in the church.  The world needs to see Jesus.

  1. ALARMED by their WORSHIP

It was frightening to the people that they had God in their lives.

  1. THREATENED by their PAST

They want to erase the good we’ve done and high light the foolishness.  Some of us perpetuate the foolishness.  Some folk are afraid of how great we can become with God in our lives over seeing our progress.  Anybody that is trying to keep us from moving forward has got to go.  Interesting people on the Titanic tried to take their riches with them holding it In their hands as they jumped into the water.  They didn’t know they had to make a choice.

Nehemiah 4:4-20 NLT

Then I prayed, Hear us, our God, for we are being mocked. May their scoffing fall back on their own heads, and may they themselves become captives in a foreign land! Do not ignore their guilt.

Do not blot out their sins, for they have provoked you to anger here in front of the builder. At last the wall was completed to half its height around the entire city, for the people had worked with enthusiasm.

Tools For Progress

Personal Prayer

We think good is good enough when we want to be great. When things are going wrong we pray.  We need to pray not only with the bad times but also with the good times as well.  We pray because we want God to be our Spiritual Santa Claus; when we are in trouble we really want to hear from God.  We need personal prayer consistently in our lives.

Corporate Prayer

We need to have a prayer partner to pray together for one another’s progress. We can’t turn on each other and start talking about one another.  We have to be mindful of ourselves.  We are valued.

“Then the people of Judah began to complain, The workers are getting tired, and there is so much rubble to be moved. We will never be able to build the wall by ourselves.  Meanwhile, our enemies were saying, Before they know what’s happening, we will swoop down on them and kill them and end their work…..Then as I looked over the situation, I called together the nobles and the rest of the people and said to them, Don’t be afraid of the enemy!  Remember the Lord, who is great and glorious, and fight for your brothers, your sons, your daughters, your wives, and your homes!

Personal Effort

Because our homes are in trouble the churches are in trouble. The evil one is attempting to hold back my family.  Are you fighting for your family?  God is getting us ready for the fight. Pray! Work! Watch!

“When our enemies heard that we knew of their plans and that God had frustrated them, we all returned to our work on the wall. But from then on, only half my men worked while the other half stood guard with spears, shields, bows, and coats of mail.

The leaders stationed themselves behind the people of Judah who were building the wall. The laborers carried on their work with one hand supporting their load and one hand holding a weapon.  All the builders had a sword belted to their side.  The trumpeter stayed with me to sound the alarm.

Then I explained to the nobles and officials and all the people, The work is very spread out, and we are widely separated from each other along the wall. When you hear the blast of the trumpet, rush to wherever it is sounding.  Then our God will fight for us!

Corporate Effort

So on October 2 the wall was finished just 52 days after we had begun. When our enemies and the surrounding nations heard about it, they were frightened and humiliated.  They realized this work had been done with the help of our God.  Nehemiah 6: 15, 16 NLT

We have to fight for our progression. We want the community to be well and pray for them.

Tools For Progress

  • Personal Prayer
  • Corporate Prayer
  • Personal Effort
  • Corporate Effort


Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank You so much for being willing to die for us that we might be redeemed and saved in Your Kingdom. Thank You for the story of Nehemiah that encourages us to pray, watch, work and remove the obstacles as well as any people out of our lives that will hinder our progress in making it into the Kingdom.  We are now aware of the tools for progress.  Personal prayer, corporate prayer, personal effort and corporate effort.  Please help not to get tired in our well doing for in due season we will reap if we faint not.  Thank You for that promise in Galatians 6:9.  Give us the desire to pray for ourselves as well as for one another and for us to work together as we fight for our families and work in our communities so that  they can be saved as well.  Thank You for the opportunity to join You at work.  You’ve done the hard part now it is time for us to do our part.  We praise, pray and thank You.  In Jesus name Amen.