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The News
Normandie Ave. SDA Church Newsletter
God has one big, beautiful diverse family! And though we are of many tribes, nations,
languages, and ethnicities, as believers, we are one in Christ and members of the same
body. In the month of February, we have the opportunity to learn more about the
strength and history of Black individuals through Black History Month. Check out the
ideas below for meaningful ways to celebrate this month with your family.
1. Check out these eight online exhibits on Black history, racism, and protest.
2. Attend the Chicago Children’s Choir’s Black History Month virtual concert, Preserving
and Persevering, on Thursday, February 25th.
3. Explore Black history together. Search the National Archives for information and
discuss why it’s important.
4. Visit a Black history or civil rights museum in your local area.
5. Attend a Black History Month celebration in your community (with CDC safety
measures in mind).
6. Discover what the Bible says about justice and oppression, then write out what you
learned from those verses.
7. Visit a Black church.
8. Read about Black missionaries and heroes of the faith. Here’s a good place to start.
9. Watch a documentary about Black History on PBS.
10. “Check out” a Black author. Go to your local library and check out one or more of
the books they have featured for Black History Month.
11. Research Black inventors throughout history. Start here.
12. Explore the history of Black music or art.
13. Volunteer at a local Black-owned business or a nonprofit organization serving the
Black community.
14. Support a Black business. Whether it’s a local Black-owned restaurant, bookstore,
salon/barbershop, or retail boutique, get outside your usual spots and see what new
favorites you find!
15. Cook a soul-food meal for your family or friends. There’s a wealth of recipes online
and on Pinterest. Or ask a friend for a grandmother’s famous recipes!